Senate GOP Blocks Debate on Equal Pay Bill

The 6 commandments of Kurt Cobain

this is the best


The 6 commandments of Kurt Cobain

this is the best


As if you needed another reason to love Bryan Cranston!! And seriously, these guys on fox sound like absolute twats. How the hell anyone can listen to them is unconscionable.

Fox Doesn’t Get Why Breaking Bad Star  Supports Health Care Reform

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston invoked the ire of Fox News on April 7 by praising the Affordable Care Act during a recent interview, saying President Obama’s health care program “is fantastic” because “I don’t think basic health care should be a privilege of the rich.”

The co-hosts of Fox’s The Five were confused by Cranston’s support of the law and dismissed it as propaganda. As co-host Greg Gutfeld argued, “How weird is it that a guy who plays a dark, brooding anti-hero is really a puppet to the man. I mean, he just propagandized for President Obama.”

Cranston’s Breaking Bad character, Walter White, of course, famously resorted to cooking meth after a cancer diagnosis because his sub-par health insurance did not cover his treatment — a predicament Walt might not have faced had he been covered under the Affordable Care Act.


I love Rust Cohle


A group of geologists and map designers have reconstructed the geological ages of Essos, Westeros, and other regions described in A Song of Ice and Fire. The results are incredible - and reveal just how violent and mythic real-life geological changes can be.

Using the same kinds of tools that allow geologists to model historical and future climates, the group has made educated guesses about what kinds of natural disasters broke and made this dragon-infested planet. They’ve named each geological period after Earth’s geological periods, just to make it easier. But then they’ve invented events like massive vulcanism, plate tectonics that divided Essos from Westeros, and more. It’s marvelously detailed and mesmerizing. They’ve acutally created entire histories for each period. Here they are:

Geologic events occurring XX million years ago (Mya) on Westeros:

(today) The size of the Game of Thrones planet
(25 Mya) The Earth split Westeros from Essos
(30-40 Mya) When Dorne boiled
(40 Mya) Land of ice
(60-80 Mya) The rise of the Black Mountains
(80-100 Mya) As the Moon rose, so did the Lannisters
(300 Mya) Diving the tropical reefs of Winterfell
(450 Mya) The sand ran red
(500 Mya) The first mountains

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Opening Statement…

"I’m a historian dedicated to finding the historical truth. After years of studying, I finally came to the conclusion that everything I had previously thought about the historical evidence of the resurrection was absolutely wrong.

Let me begin by…

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Resistor Color Wheel


Your body language effects how you think and shapes who you are. Take a minute to examine your posture right now and note what you’re doing. Often times, our posture releases physical cues that intend to make ourselves smaller. Your knees are curled up to your chest. Your arms…




TL;DR : Watch this incredible story in video

This is amazing, but I get the worst anxiety

There aren’t enough feelz in all of tumblr….


Would be interesting to see how much of the book you can remember…

This Insane New App Will Allow You To Read Novels In Under 90 Minutes

The reading game is about to change forever. Boston-based software developer Spritz has been in “stealth mode” for three years, tinkering with their program and leasing it out to different ebooks, apps, and other…


Two chemists walk into a bar.

One of them asks for H2O. The other asks for H2O2 and giggles.

The bartender serves them both hydrogen peroxide because he’s fucking tired of chemists walking into his bar and trying that joke.



My biology teacher, Mr. G, used to teach at a K - 12 Christian school many years back, and in his biology class, he taught evolution. Naturally, this made many parents of religious families upset, and he expected quite a lot of backlash at parent-teacher night….


Summary: The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” There is no one who does good. Will evildoers never learn? God is with the righteous.

14:1 The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.

14:2 The LORD looks down…


Damn you Tony Stark for being so sly


Damn you Tony Stark for being so sly